header_logo.gifWhy Advertise in Franchise Update?
Franchise Update is a targeted, quarterly magazine aimed at keeping franchise executives on the cutting edge. Our readers are professionally sophisticated, affluent, well-educated, and upwardly mobile. The competitive atmosphere in franchising today is fierce and market share is at a premium. This means franchise executives on the move look for time-saving ways to get the information they need to stay ahead of the pack.

Here’s where Franchise Update Magazine comes in. Franchise executives get information they need, when they need it, and how they need it. When considering advertising, think about your message in front of the top decision makers in the country’s fastest growing franchise companies. You get that delivery with Franchise Update message to the right audience, along with comprehensive, timely, hands-on, useful information to help the franchise professional successfully position their company for growth.

You will reach:
Who reads Franchise Update? Every quarterly issue of the magazine is mailed to
the top 5,000 franchise professionals who make the decisions for the 600,000+
franchise units in the U. S. Franchise Update magazine’s 15,000 readers include: the
Presidents, CEO’s, COO’s, Franchise Development Directors and other key franchise
professionals at nearly every active franchise company in the United States.

The CEOs, CFOs, Sales Executives, and Senior Level Managers with US Based

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