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How to Get in Franchise Times:
Editor Nancy Weingartner Tells All!

Franchise Times is the leading trade journal dedicated to a general franchise audience, and is read not only by franchisors and franchise company executives, but large multi-unit and multi-concept franchisees looking to expand their portfolios. In this exclusive interview with FM, Editor Nancy Weingartner tells how to increase your chances in getting valuable editorial exposure in her influential publication.

Lies, Damned Lies & Franchise Statistics (for franchisors)
Are you one of the hundreds of franchisors, writers, consultants, salespeople who continue to perpetuate the harmful myth of the 90% franchise success rate using bogus statistics the U.S. Dept. of Commerce and the SBA never issued? Bad news: The jig is up. The good news: promising success was a bad, bad idea in the first place.

How Franchisees Buy
Interview: Why Jane Hollinger chose Rita’s
As a Rita’s Italian Ice franchise was opening in his home town, FM’s Jordan Bush interviewed franchisee Jane Hollinger about the process she went through to choose her franchise. Her answers hold some lessons for franchise marketers, including the importance of word-of-mouth and franchisee relations, the role your product could play in the decision, and why Rita’s might want to try direct mailing car wash owners.
Motivating Prospects, Part 1
If you would like to improve the lead generation rate, the lead-to-meeting ratio, and/or the meeting-to-sale percentages of your franchisee recruitment efforts, analyzing how well your marketing message matches your prospect’s motivations is a good place to start.

The Marketing Secrets of…
Eager to learn the secrets of successful branding, sales and marketing? Let FM show you where to look. Our whimsical Marketing Secrets of… series provides a lively, thought-provoking marketing lesson in an easily printable, downloadable and emailable .pdf format. Collect them all… Trade them with your friends, co-workers and franchisees!
The Marketing Secrets of DENNY CRAIN (.pdf)
The Marketing Secrets of SUBWAY (.pdf)


Your Baby’s Ugly..and You’ve Got Bad Breath
Special Guest Article by Steve Baker: A very funny and thought provoking diatribe on marketing and branding your business and product line.